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Daily Reflection: Sacred Rhythm of Study

Day 1: Study the Sermon Review the sermon outline or listen to the podcast.

Reflect over it, highlighting the various sections and what stood out to you.

Summarize it in your own words.

Memorize: Psalm 1:1

Day 2: Study Scripture

Read Psalm 1

Memorize: Psalm 1:1-2

Day 3: Study Nature

Learn about an oak Tree (video, pictures)

Find a tree and take time to observe it.

Observe and describe its bark?

Look at the organization of its branches.

What can you observe about the leaves?

How does it interact with other plants/animals around it?

Why would Psalm 1 use the image of a healthy tree to describe the righteous?

Memorize: Psalm 1:1-3

Day 4: Study Yourself

Self Assessment: Take time to write answers to these questions as quickly as you can

Now slowly review and reflect on your answers. Ask God to help you understand yourself as He sees you.

What is going well? What needs to change?

Memorize Psalm 1:1-4

Day 5: Study Your Job/Role

Read Genesis 1:28-31.

What is your job or roles that God has given you (professional, family, etc)?

What are ways that you could study and learn more about your job or roles as a way of honoring God?

Memorize Psalm 1:1-6

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