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Solitude & Silence

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Daily Reflection: Sacred Rhythm of Simplicity

Day 1: Silence

Read and reflect: Ecclesiastes 5:2

Take advantage of small opportunities throughout the day to be with God and silent: driving, walking, eating, around nature. Don’t fill these moments with conversation, phones, music, or thinking about the next thing

Day 2: Solitude

Read Luke 5:15-16

Take an hour to simply be alone with God. It can be at the beach, a quiet place in your house, or some other place. Turn off your phone, alert your family.

Simply enjoy being alive in God’s creation.

Day 3: Silence

Read Matthew 5:33-37. Outline the passage. What is being said? Why does he say this?

Today, cut out unnecessary words (let’s say try to speak half of what you normally do). Say what you mean simply and be content with that.

Day 4: Solitude

Plan a day (or part of a day) to spend in solitude. Here is a possible guide to structure your time.

Read: 1 Kings 18:16-19:18.

What was Elijah’s physical and emotional state?

How did God provide for Elijah in 19:1-9?

How is God using this scripture to speak to you?

Observe yourself:

What comes up in your heart, emotions, and attitude at being alone? Why?

What is God showing you about yourself?

Confess Psalm 23.

Day 5: Silence

Make time alone to be in silence silence

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