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Ps 139:1-6: Waking to God’s presence

Confession: You are present and you completely understand me.

God knows us, we are inviting him to help you more clearly see yourself.

Examen: God, How were you present today? What promptings did you give me? Did I respond or not respond?

Ps 139:7-12: Examination of consciousness

Confession: There is nothing that I can be, or nowhere I can go from you and your love.

Examen: Am I using distractions to separate myself from you? Do I trust you love me even in my regrets, rebellion, and weakness?

Ps 139:13-18: Waking to my created self

Confession: You made me and take pride in me.

Examen: Ask God to help you see how He made you (personality, body, talents, skills). Thank him and confess these to him.

Ps 139:19-22: Waking up to the darkness Within

Confess: I need you to show me what is good and evil within me.

Examen: Share with God your honest desires, emotions, thoughts, confusion.

Ps 139:23-24: Examination of Conscience

Confess: I want you to help me understand myself

Examen: Allow God to show you what He sees and what He wants in and for you, his beloved creation.

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