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A Christlike Steward

Monday - All God’s

  • Recognizing: Exodus 19:5, Job 41:11, Psalm 50:10, Deuteronomy 8:18

  • Confessing: What does this say about creation, time, talents, money, and possessions?

  • Releasing: Look around you at the things you have purchased, developed, or enjoy. With your hands open, palms down in a position of releasing, one by one, confess to God that they are his.

Tuesday - Being a Steward

  • Recognizing: Read Matthew 21:33-39

  • Confessing: Where did the farmers go wrong? How far did they go to protect themselves from the owner?

  • Releasing: Admit to God areas you fight against his ownership of time, talents, resources and influence. Spend some time in silent meditation with God asking him to help you see your life as a steward.

Wednesday - A Steward of Time

  • Recognizing: Read Matthew 24:36-25:13

  • Confessing: How does Jesus command of keeping watch help us think about how we use time? What is the result of misusing time either in business (24:37-38) or laziness (25:3-5)?

  • Practicing: Review your use of scheduled and unscheduled time. Make changes to as God helps you to be with him, to invest in things that he cares about.

Thursday - A Steward of Talents

  • Recognizing: Read Matthew 25:14-30

  • Confessing: What did the master want the servants to do with what he entrusted them?

  • Practicing: As you use the talents and skills God has given you, continually ask him to use this to be part of his kingdom work, and a blessing to others.

Friday - A Steward of Resources

  • Recognizing: Malachi 3:8-12

  • Confessing: How does God describe not tithing? What is the promise he gives?

  • Practicing: If you do not already commit to regularly giving the first 10% of your income to God. You can do this at

Saturday - A Steward of Influence

  • Recognizing: Read Matthew 19:13-15

  • Confessing: Jesus used his influence to love and bless others. Your life influences to a varying degree anyone you encounter. Ask God to help you see how and for who you use that influence.

  • Practicing: As you interact with people or work seek to love, invest, and bless as Jesus would if he were you.

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