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Daily Reflection - The King

Mark 14:32-15:37

Daily prayer: Jesus, you are the King. You died because of my sins, but you rose undefeated. Thank you for offering to forgive me. Thank you for calling me to be part of what you are doing. I give my whole life to you, my King, my Lord.   

Day 1: Death Read Mark 15:33-38

Ask God to help you understand his great love that Jesus would choose to go through this for us. Confess: Jesus, it was my sins that put you on that cross. Forgive me, have mercy, and thank you for so loving me.

Day 2:  Response Read Mark 15:39-47

What about Jesus’ death caused a battle-hardened Roman centurion who had just executed Jesus to be the first to confess him as the Son of God? Or Joseph of Arimathea who was part of the Jewish council who convicted Jesus to boldly ask for his body to give it a proper burial? Reflect: What is my response to Jesus death?

Day 3: Battle Read Mark 16:1-5

Jesus’ followers accepted that death was the end. Darkness, wrong, and evil won. Where, within your life or around you, are you tempted to accept that wrong habits, ways of living, or powers win?

Day 4: Resurrection Mark 16:6

The resurrection means that there is a power here on earth that can right even the most powerful wrong. How much of your life is lived in the perspective, power, and companionship of Jesus? What does the resurrection mean in the middle of the wrongs within you or around you?

Day 5: Dancing forward Read Mark 16:7, 16-20

Jesus’ story is carried on as people, guided and empowered by his Spirit, walk in his steps for His plan to invite every person back into the dance. Is every part of my life lived for Jesus and what He wants?

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