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Curriculum for Christlikeness resources

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

2022.2.27 Doing What Jesus Says (Pt 2)

Reflection Journal 2022.2.20 Doing what Jesus Says Pt 1

Reflection Journal 2022.2.13 Learning to Ask

2022.2.6 Learning to Ask

Reflection Journal 2022.1.30 Letting Go of Condemnation 2 Message Outline

2022.1.23 Letting go of Condemnation 1

2022.1.16 Trusting God's Care

2022.1.9 Trusting God's Care

2021.12.5 Treasuring God and His Activity

Reflection Journal 2021.11.28 Fasting for God Alone

Reflection Journal 2021.11.21 Praying for God Alone Message Outline Reflection Journal

2021.11.14 Loving Enemies Message Outline Reflection Journal

2021.11.7 Loving Enemies

2021.10.31 Letting Go of Retaliation

2021.10.24 Letting Go of Divorce

2021.10.17 Letting Go of Divorce

2021.10.10 Letting Go of Obsessive Desires

Reflection Journal 2021.10.3 Letting Go of Contempt

2021.09.26 Letting Go of Contempt

Reflection Journal 2021.09.19 Letting Go of Anger

2021.09.12 God’s Good Life for Us

Reflection Journal 2021.09.5 When God Comes Near

Reflection Journal 2021.08.29 Curriculum for Christlikeness

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